Review of Works by Experts

What Are Expert Reviews?

We provide important feedback in the journal's editorial and decision-making processes. You can request an expert review of your work and receive technical advice on the manuscripts or scholarly content of your research field, and take advantage of content modifications before submitting your work to ASCAAI.

Make Your Research Stand Out!

Our experts will conduct extensive manuscript reviews. We will investigate all research elements such as the soundness of the study design, reporting on methods, importance to the site, ethical soundness and sufficiency of data analysis. It also provides detailed checks on journal compatibility to minimize the possibility of rejection. Our team's feedback will be provided in clear, separate and detailed technical reports that review the quality of paper in relation to clarity of expression, organization and structure, support for conclusions, and relevance of literature review.

Expert reviewers with expertise in your area will review the papers through the sections to identify areas for improvement and provide suggestions.